Your property will be sold in 90 days or less, or HALF the Total commission (saves you potentially thousands) shall be waived! Actually, many of my listings sell in the first 10-20 days this summer!

As you might assume, the faster the sale, the better off you are! Shorter marketing period usually means less stress.. less number of people wandering through your home, fewer open houses and usually best of all.. a Higher Sales Price!

I will list your home for sale, Guarantee to have it sold at a price acceptable to you within the 90 days, or I will waive my side of the commission and work for FREE!  It's that simple and easy

Visit the very upper right corner of this page and "send me an email" now so we can meet tomorrow and get your home sold Fast!  This is a limited time, Summer of 2018 opportunity.. The market is red hot right now, contact me now and get moving!

 Details of Guarantee

  •  Sale price is mutually agreed upon price by Mark and the seller of the property based on recently sold comparables
    • Seller agrees to co-operate in preparation of the home and make the home available for showings
    • Seller will have the home professionally staged if Mark finds it necessay
    • Sold is defined by a fully executed Sales Contract
    • Guarantee is null and void if the seller rejects an acceptable offer with-in 5% of the ask price
    • If not sold in the 30 day period then Mark will continue to market the home, waive his side of the commission, but seller still responsible to pay 3% to the broker, whoever that is, that brings the actual buyer